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Chiskei marijuana seeds

Chiskei marijuana seeds

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Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse; Type: sativa; Flowering: ~53 days;

CISKEI was one of the 10 "bantustans" (independent regions inside Sothafrican territory). It was declared independent from 1981-1994. Ciskei was, same as Transkei, one of the Xhosa language homelands during the years of apartheid politic in Southafrica.

The little sativas were grown there in small plots of familiar use in the mountain region of Drakensberg, in an altitude around 1500-2000 mts. (4900-6500 feets)

They were imported and selected by a Swiss co., that after making masive selections and works, ended up their activity in the 90´s because of the prohibicionist laws that we still have today.

From this little jewel it was born the mythical Cloud#7,a Chiskei hybrid. The great work of selection done by this bank made that almoust all the plants got from seeds coming from them where hermaphrodite free and with a big stability.

We where lucky, 15 years later,to get 40 seeds from this strain from a friend and cannabis merchant. We couldnt believe it!

The surprise came when,with no much hope,we tried to germinate the seeds in 2004. We used gyberelic acid for this purpose,and we got 12 seeds that incredibly popped up, showing since the first moment a very good vigour.

We continue with 10 of this plants that were sturdy, robust. We got from here 6 females and 4 males from wich we reject 4 females and 2 males for being a bit worse than the plants we continued to work. The 2 females we select were really good ones and very similar, it only changed from on to another the intense and fine aroma of one,and the biggest yield of the other female.

So, having tested they were homogeneus most of them yet we continued, now making big pollinizations with this 2-2 females/males trying not to increase the possible endogamy.

All this time we´ve beeing testing and making polinizations and seeds and we´ve always found homogeneus plants with good results, finding a nice highland sativa with indica shape and structure.

We would like to be honest so we cant say 100% sure (althought we´ve investigated and searched all the info avaible) this plant is a sativa landrace or it could have any other influence in it because these regions have been European colonies till entered the XX century. Nevertheless some traits and its stimulating effect make us think its still a pure sativa one!

Structure: Symmetrical, with scarce sexual difference, male and female plants looking very similar in shape and size. Side branches well developed if allowed longer vegetative. Very homogeneous with a final size acceptable for any kind of growing method.

Flowering times: 50-55 days
Yield: Medium / High
Strain Type: South African sativa cross

Commentaries: One of our star plants. Its homogeneity and size make it perfect choice for both indoor and outdoors. Fast flowering with rock hard nugs, few leaves and big,short calyxes, together with its ripe fruit aromas. Make it a pleasant and rewarding strain in all kind of mediums. Powerful sativa high, stimulating.
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