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Chemdog sister seeds

Chemdog sister seeds

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Chemdog sister marijuana seeds
Though he’s become known as the “Midas of Marijuana,” Chemdog’s original intentions were just to grow the highest-quality pot he could find. Almost 20 years since he popped the seeds from a bag of kind bud purchased on a Dead tour, those rare beans are still causing a ruckus among cannabis aficionados worldwide, and the original Chem’s Sister from 1996 was no exception with its powerful and long-lasting high.

The new Chem’s Sister, started in 2006 using selfed seeds from the older version, exhibits the same dark orange hairs and “skunky sandalwood” smell, as well as that fruity-candy bite the whole family of genetics is known for. Chem tells me he loves the Sister’s mold resistance, noting that “pests don’t really like it either.” He calls her a “heavy yielder, getting very tall but with even the lower branches getting nuggy.”

Lineage: Chemdog (Chem’s Sister pheno)
Flowering time: 9 to 10 weeks
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