CBD Therapy 10 seeds in a pack of marijuana seeds

CBD Therapy 10 seeds in a pack of marijuana seeds

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BD Therapy is a cannabis strain that was created with the intention of maximising CBD content whilst minimising THC content. This desired ratio makes the strain perfect for medicinal users who are seeking the healing properties of CBD without getting functionally high in the process. The team behind this project have managed to create a hybrid strain that produces flowers with an average CBD content of 8 to 10 percent and an average THC content of 0.5 percent.

This amazing outcome has created a THC:CBD ratio of 1:20+. However, no two CBD Therapy seeds are the same, the cannabinoid content can vary, though 75 percent of the seeds have been found to have extremely low THC contents.

CBD Therapy is an ideal strain for medical patients, as CBD is continuously being shown to play a potential role as a medicine when it comes to a wide range of illnesses. CBD may play a role in Dravet's syndrome, MS, Crohn's disease, inflammation, anxiety and depression, Epilepsy and fibromyalgia.

As well as serving primarily as a medicinal strain, CBD Therapy can also be used on a recreational basis for smokers seeking a very light and tame high to help them to relax and chill out. As a smoke, CBD Therapy offers almost an entirely body centered high, invoking calming, relaxing and sleeping sensations.

The aromas from this strain are diverse and complex, featuring fruit, berry, sweetness, kiwi, flowers, nectar, raspberry, blackberry, cranberry, blueberry and more. The taste of the strain is almost as impressive as the smell, igniting the tongue with flavours such as mint, maple, hash, lemon grass, citrus, dill, cloves and blackberry.

CBD Therapy presents a flowering time of up to 9 weeks and can be grown effectively and efficiently within an indoor or outdoor environment.

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