CBD Mango Haze marijuana seeds 10 pack

CBD Mango Haze marijuana seeds 10 pack

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CBD Mango Haze Cannabis Strain

CBD Mango Haze cannabis strain is an 80/20 Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid. The breeders of this kush remain unknown. The strain can be enjoyed by anyone thanks to the low, 6-8 % THC content. The herb has high CBD values, ranging from 8-12%, making her great choice for seizure and pain control. CBD Mango Haze strongly smells of mango, pepper and spices. The buds are pepper-shaped and light green in color. The nugs are full of resin, trichomes & orange hairs. Good for morning and day time use.
Type of High
CBD Mango Haze marijuana strain induces functional cerebral high laced with creativity and uplifted mood. Boosts energy, promotes laughter and socialization. Followed by relaxing body buzz and appetite boost. Controls pain, seizures, nausea.
The genetic origins of CBD Mango Haze cannabis strain are unknown.
Average Cannabinoid Composition

6.00/8.00% THC 8.00/12.00% CBD —/—% CBN
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