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cat piss marijuana seeds

cat piss marijuana seeds

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# Classification: Sativa-dominant
# Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
# Flowering Time: 8 - 9 weeks
# Yield: Moderate
# Medical Uses: Migraines, minor pain relief, nausea, inflammation

This bud truly smells like a cat urinated all over it. However, fear not, it tastes sweet, with some underlying spicy and danky flavors. The exhale is smooth with a hint of pine.

The only known relative of Cat Piss is the famous Trainwreck. These buds are extremely danky looking when grown with care. A thick layer of glimmering, clear trichromes cover a dense forest of green and orange, looking like fresh drops of morning dew on a grassy field. Despite their almost unpleasant smell, patients who indulge in Cat Piss usually are welcomed with a pleasantly mellow, uplifting and positive state of mind. A slight body high is also noted, although faint.

As a plant, she grows typical of a sativa, being tall with long, spindly leaves. Cat Piss vegetates relatively fast and, during maturity, boasts small but dense clusters of buds, making for a moderate yield by growers.

Many patients are skeptical of this strain for both the name and smell. However, those who venture past this comfort zone will find a most delightful medication. This bud tastes sweet, sour with a noticeable dankiness. The high is extremely cerebral with a subtle body high being experienced by most patients. This is a definite munchie-inducer, so have some grub on-hand.
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