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C4 marijuana seed strains

C4 marijuana seed strains

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Strains › C4
# Classification: Hybrid
# Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
# Garden Skills: Beginner to moderate
# Flowering Time: 7 - 8 weeks
# Yield: High
# THC Content: Moderate
# Medical Uses: Depression, arthritis, anxiety, pain relief, migraines
# Breeder: Chimera Seeds

C4 hits your mouth with an explosion (only slight pun intended) of sour citrus, pine and a smooth dank-filled exhale. The high is very mellow, positive and joyful, with both a body high and cerebral stimulation occurring.

Frostbite (Sativa) and Shiskaberry (Indica) come together to form C4, an explosive strain of Cannabis. It’s favored by growers who are looking for a high yield with above average potency. Another ideal characteristic of C4 is her short flowering period of around 7 to 8 weeks and being ready for outdoor harvest in the 2nd week of September. Naturally resistant to disease and molds, C4 will thrive in almost any environment and does not need meticulous attention or care to produce a great yield. She grows relatively short and bushy with one huge cola at the top. This bud really starts to show off about 2 weeks into flowering, with the real spectacle coming during the final week of maturity. She gives of a floral, sour, thick and danky aroma during her flowering stage. Look for this strain for an extremely beneficial medical effect.

Perfect for treating patients with such issues as depression/anxiety, minor aches and pains, inflammation, and nausea, C4 is a well-balanced hybrid that provides mellow, down-to-earth state of mind.
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