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Bodhi’s Blessing seeds

Bodhi’s Blessing seeds

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Bodhi’s Blessing is a brand new sativa dominant marijuana seed created by using the strongest strains from the Bodhi’s collection.

A few years ago, the legendary Bodhi released a mixed pack of his genetics called Little Blessings. In this pack were some of the most amazing genetics to be found in any marijuana mix seed pack including loads of dark and purple, all heavy resin producers.

The mother that was selected was short, squat pink and purple so thick with trichomes that it looked like someone poured coke on it. The farther was tall and a heavy producer with a smell of ripen blackberry. It’s not been tested yet, but expect some of the most magnificent plant worthy of the Riot’s genetic line.

Like any other marijuana seed, Bodhi’s Blessings is suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation.

Little Blessings x Little Blessings– Selected F2

9-10 weeks

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