Blue Persuasion 10 pack of marijuana seeds

Blue Persuasion 10 pack of marijuana seeds

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Are you open to persuasion? Grab your pipe and let this tasty bud take you on a dreamy ride. Let it convince you you’ve made the right choice with its smooth smokability. By crossing not two but THREE legendary strains (Blueberry, Northern Lights, and White Widow) breeders have introduced the world to their first of a Signature Series from the BUDS Pasco indoor hydroponic farm out of Washington State.

The THC levels in this strain land around 20% to 26% which boasts a consistently potent high to even more advanced users. It’s not hard to decipher which traits were inherited by which parent, as this extraordinarily blueberry flavored flower has a lot of distinctive features associated with each of its genes. For example, the ultra white dusting of trichomes is indicative of the White Family, while its sugary sweet berry aromas and flavors come from the Blueberry family. Northern Lights has lent its extremely resinous buds and bright orange hair.

Blue Persuasion is gaining momentum in the cannabis community for its everlasting cerebral high and perfectly blended body buzz. The high is introspective, leaving the user overly thoughtful and in most cases a bit curious. Euphoria and tingles are heavy, leaving space for a happy meditation, allowing for body and mind to reconnect. This strain is also popular among artists, yogis, and musicians for this reason. Though this is an uplifting and happy strain, it tends to be too intense for some social situations. Anxiety and mild paranoia are possible side effects. Munchies are also a definite, so be sure to grab your favorite snacks before hunkering down.

Though it can have medical benefits, none truly stand out to have absolute effectiveness outside of eating disorders and general lack of appetite because of its stimulative properties. With that being said some users have utilized this strain for treating symptoms of pain, inflammation, and insomnia with moderate success. It isn’t recommended for mood disorders such as depression, stress, anxiety, or PTSD as it has a tendency to leave you feeling ‘in your head,’ which can be a problem if you are already struggling with symptoms of a similar nature.

This plant grows extremely resinous buds that are accented by beautifully blue and deep green tones that you can’t help but want in your garden. This easy to grow, mold resistant plant might just be the thing that takes you from a novice grower to an intermediate. The flowering time is fast, the yields are high, and this adaptable flower will flourish indoors or out.

Welcome to Blue Persuasion - the bud with unparalleled freshness and long-lasting effects. This nighttime strain is exactly what you would want if you’ve decided to have a day to check in with your inner self and meditate. Or, if you aren’t the mediating type and you just love to toke up and watch a movie, this is a good one to keep the whole room quiet from beginning to end.

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