Blue Ivy marijuana seeds 10 pack

Blue Ivy marijuana seeds 10 pack

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Blue Ivy is an indica-dominant hybrid found primarily in the U.S. West Coast market. Also known as OG Blue Ivy, it is said to be a cross between the omnipresent Blue Dream and none other than heavy hitter OG Kush. Although this strain’s creation is largely undocumented, its name comes from exactly where you’d think -- it started popping up in Los Angeles area dispensaries in 2012, shortly after Beyonce and Jay-Z announced the birth of their daughter Blue Ivy. This strain confers heavy sedative effects that make it appealing to recreational and medical users alike. Blue Ivy’s THC content has been reported at between 15% and 20%.

Blue Ivy has smaller buds that when dried appear more spherical than long and tapered. The buds hold together in a dense indica structure with the small leaves tightly curled in towards their central stem. The leaves themselves are a vibrant spring green, offset by brown to rust-colored hairs (which are actually pistils, intended to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants). Plentiful trichomes give the flowers a silvery-white sheen and an incredibly sticky texture. The smell of blueberries, passed on from Blueberry via parent strain Blue Dream, predominates. A skunky, chemical-inflected odor -- likely the influence of OG Kush -- gives the blueberry aroma a more tart and funky quality. When combusted, Blue Ivy’s flowers give off a harsh smoke that may sting the sinuses and cause users to cough. When exhaled, this strain leaves a lingering fruity taste, mixed with the rich flavor of hash. This can be a very pungent smoke and those looking to keep their consumption discreet should take any necessary precautions.

Blue Ivy hits quickly for a mostly indica strain. Users may feel a sudden tingling pressure in the face, particularly around the eyes and temples. This sensation soon blooms throughout the rest of the body, granting relaxation in the limbs and core. Smokers may find themselves able to move more slowly or breathe more deeply. Any mental effects manifest more as emotional uplift than as cerebral intensity -- feelings of euphoria or giddiness are commonly reported, but an uptick in analytical thinking is rare As the high progresses, users may find their hazy contentment melting into couchlock or powerful sleepiness. Blue Ivy may lend itself to quiet, introspective activities like enjoying slow, psychedelic films or music. Because of its tendency towards laziness, Blue Ivy may not be a great strain to enjoy in the morning or early afternoon.

These sedative indica properties make Blue Ivy an effective treatment for many medical cannabis users as well. Moderate to severe aches and pains may be dulled by the force of this strain’s holistic relaxation. It can also serve as a particularly strong appetite stimulant for those who have lost the desire to eat as the result of medication or chemotherapy. The same tingly sensation felt at the onset of this strain’s high can valuable to glaucoma patients, as it can decrease painful intraocular pressure. Blue Ivy can be a strong antidote to insomnia, even in moderate doses. Its general sense of well-being can even provide psychological benefits for those suffering from anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Blue Ivy is said to be potent and long-lasting, even for those with a high tolerance for THC.

With little information on Blue Ivy’s genetics -- The strain’s indica-leaning genetics would take well to indoor grow operations, as plants likely grow short and bushy with wide lateral branching. “Topping” the plants by trimming off broad fan leaves will help light and air stimulate the growth of flowering buds on lower branches. Blue Ivy’s parent strains flower within 9 to 10 weeks. Growers may expect moderate to high yields from their crops -- OG Kush typically yields 45 grams/1.6 ounces and Blue Dream 56 grams/2 ounces of flower per square foot of plant. Because it’s a pungent smoke, Blue Ivy may also be a pungent grow, and users should invest in odor-control measures like carbon air filters if they want to keep their indoor operations a secret.

Although it sprang to life on the West Coast, Blue Ivy’s stellar genetics and dynamic taste have the potential to flourish nationwide. Well-suited to solo use or intimate social gatherings, it’s just the thing to end a long and stressful day.
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