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Blue Fruit marijuana single seeds

Blue Fruit marijuana single seeds

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Blue Fruit single seed

Variety originally developed in the mountains of Oregon in the United States, later spread throughout North America, including Canada, where he was heavily cultivated, selected, developed and improved. The instability is manifested in the form of mutant plants that grow with deformed leaves, but when flowering surprised with amazing aromas and resins.

Blue Fruit seeds produce a sweet fruity aroma and in some specimens this flavour is so intense that the smoke it produces has an aftertaste that lingers for a long time. It is often necessary to control the plant height, especially indoors. Also Blue Fruit produces male flowers on top of their flower clusters occasionally. Again, this is also justified by the special quality, colour, resin, aroma and flavour of this little jewel. The vast majority of plants that produce some male flowers are not an issue, but it is advisable to maintain the cool temperature and humidity at 50% and not stress the tops of the plants with lights. Resin is produced in abundance, and the effect is of a mixed physical and mental psychoactive but balanced by the soothing effect that is also produced. The final combination of its autumn colour, aroma and taste of berries, has captivated many thousands of growers worldwide.

Flowering days: 56-70.
Harvest outdoor: Until October 20.
THC: High. (12% - 19%).
CBD: Medium.
Production: Medium.
Height outdoor: Up to 3 meters.
Composition: Indica 80% / Sativa 20%.
Genotype: Mexican Purple x Thai x Afghani (Blueberry)
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