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Blue Fruit Marijuana seeds

Blue Fruit Marijuana seeds

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Blue Fruit

Variety originally developed in the mountains of Oregon in the United States, later spread throughout North America, including Canada, where he was heavily cultivated, selected, developed and improved.

The original was a genetic cross between a purple variety Mejicana, a Thai sativa, and an original Afghani high production. Is internationally known that this gene is more volatile than most of the seeds that are usually for domestic use, this instability manifested in the form of irregular germination, vigor varied, uneven development, and the presence of a significant percentage of plants that seem to be affected by a virus, because leaves are deformed, stunted, but that does not prevent them from being deliciously aromatic and have an incredible violet purple fall color that makes them beautiful among the beautiful.

Sweet fruity flavor, ranging from pure fruity odor to the mixture of intense fruit with dominance of the locust Mountain Afghani indica. The flavor is sweet, fruity, with sweet red berries, and in some copies this flavor is so intense that smoking leads to an aftertaste that lingers for a long time, these specimens being the most desired by the amateur variety.

Except for the growth of one% of mutant plants, which grow plants that are normal have enough force, even this variety of phenotypes indexes grow much more than most hybrids used, it is often necessary to control the plant height, especially indoors. It is a good producer, but due to the high variation of this are some of the plants sativas more than others, and produce less than average, but this plant sativas have the sweetest flavor.

Also, this variety produces more specifically "Bananas" or occasional male flowers on top of their clusters that most famous cannabis seeds. Again, this is also justified by the special quality, color, resin, aroma and flavor of this little gem. To avoid the formation of "banana" is to keep the temperature cool and the humidity to 50%, and not cooked the tips of the plants with the lights. Better give less light, so as not to stress so much. In most cases, 90% is not a problem to have some banana plants, because they fail to produce pollen, but any plant can produce in excess, in that case, remove the male flowers are at hand enough.

Get the tone purple violet both indoors and outdoors, when the nights are cold, As the nights are cooler, more fall color are the floors. Resin produced in abundance, and the effect is of mixed physical and mental, psychoactive but balanced by the calming effect that also occurs. The final combination of color, aroma, taste, and flowers covered with glass resin, has captured many thousands of growers worldwide.

Flowering days: 56-70.
Harvest outdoor: Until October 20.
THC: High. (12% – 19%).
CBD: Medium.
Production: Medium.
Height outdoor: Up to 3 meters.
Composition: Indica 80% / Sativa 20%.
Genotype: Mexican Purple x Thai x Afghani (Blueberry)
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