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Blue cannabis seeds

Blue cannabis seeds

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Commercial cropper , hard nugs, lots of crystals and good flavor. Great for Canada Outdoors. One of our fastest strains, ready in just 6 weeks in hydro. 7 in soil . Every day smoke for regular users.. otherwise this strain will knock you mind on it's butt. Even as a full time medical user, this strain always mixes up my head so badly, I can never hold a conversation, total time warp and stupidity. i personally just get silent and paranoid if smoking alone. Enjoy if you really like to get messed up. I prefer to smoke this strain in a social setting as the paranoi really freaks me out. I like to hide my stash out of plain sight from unexpected visitors when i am smoking this strain. It's a med-heavy smoke on the lungs so a water-bong or vaporizor works wonders on your lungs.

Fowering 53-59 Days
Harvest Early October
Smell Med, bubblegum taste
INDICA/SATIVA 80% Indica 20% Sativa
Skill Level Easy to grow for begginer
THC Level THL level too High to measure
Indoors / Outdoors Indoors / Outdoors
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