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Blue buddha seeds

Blue buddha seeds

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Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid
Cross: Buddha's Sister x Oregon Blueberry
Flowering time Needed: between eight and nine weeks
Can be grown indoors and outdoors...
Bred by Almighty Seeds...
The Blue Buddha strain of marijuana produces buds with spicy scents and tastes of earthiness. It will take you to a plane of functional highness that's clear and bright at first, and then mold into a still-functional body buzz that can lay you back for hours. Initially, you'll be lifted, social and feeling optimistic like never before. Then your high will switch over a little bit from Sativa to Indica and envelope you in a cloak of blankminded bliss, possibly inducing sofa lock to levels that you've never experienced before.

Blue Buddha medical cannabis, when grown to professional standards, will treat you with a blanket of crystallized resin that will please you on every sense level. Be aware that when the Blue Buddha is ripening, she will give off massive amounts of aromatic power. Have your can filters intact at the end of your exhaust inlines. This plant is dank! The buds should be dense, weighty and rather chunky to say the least. And don't forget, that tinges of blue hairs thrown in during the ripening phase are a treat for any set of eyes. She is also an excellent natural resistor to pests, mold and more, making her an excellent choice for beginning gardeners as well as seasoned professionals.
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