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Bling marijuana seeds

Bling marijuana seeds

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Special White Widow x Legends Ultimate Indica (California Ortega x Sweet Tooth BX2)

This strain was hailed as one of the “next big things” in 2008 by High Times, but never really seemed to catch on to the level that many expected. Regardless of the hype that came with the strain’s creation, it is a very quality Indica-dominant hybrid that packs a heavy dose of sedative potency.

The strain originates with a grower named Monk, who saved some LUI pollen and found the perfect match in a special clone-only White Widow from Colorado. Crossing the two and stabilizing the results produced what is now known as Bling.

Bling has an interesting sweet-meets-putrid fruity smell, which gains a musky sharpness when ground or broken up. Hashy and lightly sweet, it has an expansive and thick smoke which can definitely cause some coughing. It makes for a wonderful night time strain, as it thoroughly relaxes the body and mind without sending you to sleep right away — the latter half is when the eyes begin to get heavy. For patients suffering from muscle and nerve pain, Bling is a great remedy, but high doses will normally make it a little tough to function at a high level, so we’d call this a mostly at-home type of med.
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