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Black Widow feminized single seeds

Black Widow feminized single seeds

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Black Widow marijuana single seeds

Light endogamic cross between two exceptional indica varieties. The Misty gene was revolutionary in the BOs. The origin of this variety remains a closely guarded secret but, given its high CBD levels, Positronics decided to preserve it by importing it directly from the USA. During the mid nineties, White Widow was launched and quickly became one of the most prestigious varieties on the market. Positronics decided to combine the two varieties and recommend its use for medicinal purposes due to its high level of CBD concentration.

Robust, bushy, compact plant. Very short internodal distance with thick and sturdy stems. The leaves are tremendously wide and large with clearly defined veins. Moderate quantity of leaves and maximum quantity of chalices (buds) that get really hard, which is appreciated by commercial growers.
Outside, can reach a height of 1.5-2m. Indoors, they struggle to reach 1m. Intolerant to high humidity levels in later lowering stages. Generally well resistant to pests.


AROMA: Strong floral smell that is a fusion between fresh mint and forest floor. It is truly a touch of floral explosion. Use of an active carbon filter is absolutely required.

TASTE: A lingering menthol aftertaste that is difficult to forget. A real delicatessen experience for pleasure seekers.

EFFECT: Very sedative and relaxing with extremely high CBD levels. Without doubt one of the best varieties for medicinal use. Its use is advised late in the day with clearly introspective properties.

Intolerant to high fertiliser levels. Biological systems are recommended for medicinal use. In hydroponic systems, EC levels higher than 1.6 is recommended. Its name comes from the fact that, in this type of system in which the plant absorbs a wider variety of nutrients, its leaves takes on a very dark green colour, hence the name Black Widow.
The best White growers like to keep their grow room in complete darkness for the last 2 or 3 days before the harvest to achieve notoriously enhanced resin levels.

White Widow x Misty
Fungus Resistance: Average
THC: 19%
CBD: 0.3%

Outdoor: 5-10th October
Indoor: 55/66days

Outdoor: 300gr per plant
Indoor: 400gr/m2
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