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Big Stinky Purple seeds

Big Stinky Purple seeds

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Looks: It has a very dark green color and is covered in red hairs. The red hairs are very dark and long and cover the majority of the bud on the outside, and as well as the inside when breaking the nug in two. The nug is a nice, large one gram.

Smell: The aroma is quite pungent on this brand. Had a nice skunky smell to it that you knew was gonna hit you like a train. The combination of look and smell of this one has my mouth salivating and my mind spinning in anticipation. The second hand smoke stench was also strong as it left a smell in my place long after it was in the air. It also resembled the natural smell of the particular strain which was nice.

Taste: Taste is pleasant as it was not too skunky. It made my nostrils tingle as I exhaled through my nose. This particular strain also had a taste that stuck in my mouth for a little while.

Buzz Type/Length: This particular strain produced a very longest lasting buzz. This is the kind of bud that could get you in trouble as it makes you veerrrryy lazy.

Growing 6 weeks flowers
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