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Big Band Single Seed

Big Band Single Seed

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Big Band

When you launch a new variety for a superproduction you can never forget the taste (the growers always complain about it). Originally Big Band was created with this aim and now, thanks to the new mixing of the old variety with the K (male Indica) we obtain a unique hybrid with an impressive taste and a generous production.

As result, the mix provides a hybrid with a powerful growing, but with its own flavour. Having a drag is like eating a fruit salad, a wave of acid fruit taste that will flood your mouth.

With approximately 53 days of blooming, you have no problems with the rain and the sybarites will have a mother plant throughout the year with cuttings every three weeks.

Even if it's prepared specifically for a superproduction, it has a great variety taste. If you have a vaporizer you can enjoy some aromatic blends that you will probably try to chew and the high makes you very creative. Big Band needs your patience and is very graceful give it a few more days of growing because it has short stemmed variety.

It is perfect to share with your friends for a funny and laughing party.

Height: Medium
Indoor flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Outdoor harvest timer: October
THC level: 19%
Yield: Medium-High

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