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Big Band Automatic single seed

Big Band Automatic single seed

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Big Band Automatic seed

From the genetics of Big Band we have always emphasized its quality of producing big quantities of flowers and trichromes to form thick and strong "tails".

We came across some surprising results whilst trying to produce extra quantities of an autoflowering plant. Big Band Automatic is characterized by the production of big central bud and that reaches a really high production. (65gr by plant are easily reachable). The bud stays compact and hard due to the formation of many dense flowers.

Outdoor is it possible to raise the weight of this central bud up to 80gr. We recommend using 'tutors' from the beginning of the flowering. Due to its genetics Big Band has obtained the resistance to extreme conditions of temperature and moisture.

Excellent production outdoor from May until September.

Harvest: +3 months from seed.

Height: Medium-Tall
Indoor flowering time: 9-10 weeks
THC level: 8-14%
Yield: Medium
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