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Biesel #1 marijuana seeds

Biesel #1 marijuana seeds

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Biesel #1 seed (Original Diesel “D2 Pheno” x [Great White Shark x Super Silver Haze])
Sativa-dominant hybrid

Though this strain is a Sativa, it hits like a ton of bricks and definitely takes after its mother, the head-knocking Original Diesel, an East Coast favorite. There are a few different phenotypes of this strain available, but the most popular is the #1, which is the most Diesel-dominant and has reportedly tested at 25%+ THC on several occasions. Its acrid aroma carries strong skunky elements and an enticing blend of fuel and Haze spice battling for attention in the background.

It has quite potent head effects to start, doing the normal Diesel thing and filling the user’s head with pressure and a buzzing sensation, and causing the mind to wander off at the slightest distraction. This excited and cerebral initial effect quickly drops into a much more “blank slate” feeling, where the mind is really just processing information and the user is not doing much interacting — it’s suitable for movies and other passive entertainment, but anything active would probably be a little too much. The body effects are a strong muscle relaxation and the tendency to remain seated due to the general comfort level this med provides. Strong appetite stimulation and ocular effects signal “Sativa”, but the overall tenor of the experience is more along the Indica lines past the initial 30-45 minutes.

Biesel is kicking around at several dispensaries throughout Colorado, and it’s definitely worth a look for patients who like a more stoney and sedative Sativa with a complex Diesel bouquet.
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