Bergman's Gold Leaf 5 seed marijuana pack

Bergman's Gold Leaf 5 seed marijuana pack

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Very high level of THC and CBD
Great for growing outdoors
A very flavorful cannabis strain
Gold Leaf makes you feel euphoric and relaxed. It’s a smooth smoke with high levels of both THC and CBD. These plants are the perfect blend of 40% sativa and 60% indica. This means the strain offers a powerful high, along with some great medicinal benefits for medical cannabis patients.

Created by Robert Bergman, this strain comes with a pungent aroma that’s distinct from most others. Gold Leaf seeds are some of the easiest to cultivate. These seeds grow into tall plants with average flowering periods and very high yields. This indica-dominant marijuana strain can be grown indoors or outdoors, to produce very strong cannabis buds.

Growing Gold Leaf Strain Of Medical Marijuana

Gold Leaf seeds are very easy to cultivate, making the perfect strain for beginner growers. According to expert growers, these marijuana seeds start to sprout immediately. The plants have a steady grow rate, which helps deliver very high yields.

If you’re looking for a cannabis strain that grows well in the summer outdoors, Gold Leaf is the strain for you. Outdoor growing means no restrictions on how large your plants can get. Outside cultivation lets you nurture monster plants that can grow to be over 7 feet tall.

Gold Leaf seeds can also be planted indoors, and still, be cultivated to reach their full potential. Growing this strain of cannabis indoors requires a bit more work. You’ll need to do some cropping and pruning techniques to manage the plants’ overall heights.

When grown indoors, the flowering period of Gold Leaf is about 54-63 days. This is how long it takes for these plants to mature completely and be ready to harvest. Expect your indoor crop to produce about 15-23 ounces of usable marijuana per square meter.

Although an indica-dominant strain, Gold Leaf has a sativa heritage. This is what produces its amazing height stretch at the start of the plants’ flowering. This stretch helps to produce the swollen, long colas, allowing the plants to produce buds that are dense, with golden yellow hairs.

Gold Leaf Growing Notes
The Gold Leaf marijuana strain grows best outdoors, where it has room to grow to its full potential. However, it grows well indoors as well when cultivated properly. Expert growers recommend using a yield increasing, height reducing technique, super cropping technique, such as Screen of Green (ScrOG) for best indoor cultivation results.

Origin Of Gold Leaf Strain

The Gold Leaf marijuana strain was created by Robert Bergman, expert cannabis grower and owner of Over generations, the strain has been refined, so the seeds produce sativa-style, tall cannabis plants.

Gold Leaf combines 40% sativa genes with 60% indica genetics to create the perfect blend of euphoria and uplifting creativity. This sativa-style plant contains high concentrations of both THC (21%) and CBD.

Effects Of Gold Leaf Strain

The effects of the Gold Leaf strain can be felt immediately. This marijuana is a mood booster. So, it leaves you feeling uplifted, happy and giggly. You’ll experience a euphoria that brings on surges of creativity. Here’s what you can expect to experience from Gold Leaf:


Occasionally, some people do experience adverse reactions when after consuming the Gold Leaf strain. Some of these adverse effects include:

Mild dry eyes
Slight dizziness
Slight headache
Moderately dry mouth
Slight paranoia

Medical Uses For Gold Leaf Strain

The Gold Leaf cannabis strain was created to be a strong hybrid. It delivers both sativa and indica medicinal properties to medical marijuana patients. This strain is extremely potent and offers some effect pain-relieving and stress-reducing properties. So, it’s a great strain for treating depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

When used in smaller doses, it quickly helps to battle fatigue. Larger amounts of this strain can lead to munchies, so those suffering from nausea, eating disorders and loss of appetite can eat freely again. Because Gold Leaf helps relieve stress, it allows you to sleep peacefully after just a puff or two, making it effective for treating insomnia.

These are some of the debilitating, chronic conditions successfully treated by the Gold Leaf strain of cannabis:

Lack of appetite
Chronic pain
Bipolar disorder

Taste And Aroma Of Gold Leaf Strain

The Gold Leaf marijuana strain’s earthy, sweet flavor comes with a piney aroma. Its rich, thick smoke is smooth, with a strong pungent, skunky aroma.

Gold Leaf is a very flavorful cannabis strain. Some are attracted to its earthy, diesel taste. Others love the strain’s sweet, pungent flavor. Experts say they can truly taste its sativa tone on the palate, followed by a pleasing aftertaste.
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