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BCN Diesel single seed

BCN Diesel single seed

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BCN Diesel

The authentic "Rumba of Barcelona". You will smell it when she's there!

Kannabia improved and stabilised this crossing of our New York City Diesel with an Indica male that contributed with a smaller height and a faster ripening. Due to this, the best is to extend the indoor growing (with seeds) 'till 15 or 20 days. But TAKE CARE! Don't let it grow much more or you will obtain bad results. With careful pruning you can obtain one of the best mothers you have ever had. It's perfect for green growers with only some previous harvest experience.

The NYC heredity will appear with the first sign of blooming, and the characteristic and penetrating "cat's pee" or "truck driver's armpit" smell that will make you think: "what kind of poison am I going to smoke?"

Three weeks after blooming the trichomes start to appear and they flood the buds's flowers and the nearest leaves. If you practiced "topping" you obtain a branchy plant like a bush and the blooming will continue. The height (outdoor) is round the 180 - 210 cm. Even if the plant's structure is Sativa, it ripens very quickly (one of the fastest and your harvest is ready at the beginning of October for 10th or 12th), your plant will be very grateful for the extra week outdoors. The best for the indoor growing is 9 weeks. It is very resistant to mould and plague such as spiders. It doesn't appear so resistant with thrips but it doesn't reduce its production cycle (an ecological fertiliser such as the Naturcannabis will be good for its complete recuperation).

Harvest wonderful buds full of trichomes that will cause you an insatiable hunger and, after a short time of activity a total relaxing sensation overcomes your body. Its medical use is recommended because of the high levels of THC.

Height: Tall
Indoor flowering time: 8 - 9 weeks
Outdoor harvest timer: September-October
THC level: >20%
Yield: Medium-High
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