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Banana Kush marijuana seeds

Banana Kush marijuana seeds

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Banana Kush

Banana Kush: The Sweet Kiss of Kush
Good weed isn’t only about getting high with just a few hits. It should also leave a good impression on your taste buds. In the taste department, not many marijuana types can rival the succulent flavor of Banana Kush. It smells and tastes like an actual banana, rolling on your tongue and out of your mouth with a sweet fruity kiss. Dude, it’s pure chronic romance.

Sweetly Distinctive
Banana Kush has quite a distinctive appearance. It sports large three-fingered leaves supported by unusually long branches, which make up a hefty yield come harvesting season. The plant can be grown outdoors, but it matures better indoors. Some tending and a good dosage of artificial light are required daily. The task may be a bit tedious,
but man, you’ll forget all about the labor once you start smoking some of the sweetest joints you’ve ever tasted.

Sweet Taste, Lovely High
Make no mistake about it; Banana Kush packs some potency behind the fruity taste. After several hits, you’ll experience a strong body high, just like with any Kush variety. You would find yourself propped in your couch, thinking about the trippier versions of your recent memories, even the blues. Well, who needs heartaches, when you have your sweetest companion producing a lovely high that’s pretty hard to forget?

Flowering 7-8 weeks
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