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Astur Mexica seeds

Astur Mexica seeds

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We are pleased to start out collection with Astur Mexica, one of the most potential cannabis from Astur Jaya. This is a pure sativa strain coming from the eastern part of Sierra Madre Mexicana. Warm and stable weather conditions make her seeds pretty consistent. They show a good germination rate (about 80%) and produce strong healthy seedlings turning into beautiful sativa looking plants. Usually it takes between 10 and 16 weeks for sativa cannabis to flower and produce the first yield. Astur Mexica follows this rule. She starts yielding in September. The first flowers appear between the 2nd and the 3rd week turning into dark and fragrant buds with a particular sativa aroma. The buds are large and dense with loads of long sticky hairs. THC is said to be really high, 18%. The size of your Astur Mexica plants depends on where you grow them. They stay small and compact, growing in unstable weather conditions, but if the weather is favourable, they turns into tall elegant beauties and can sometimes reach 2 to 3 meters high. Tall varieties produce as much as 350-500 gr.of pure marijuana per plant when grown outdoors.

Astur Mexica marijuana has a great medical value. Medicine produced from this cannabis has lower CBD and higher THC meaning a psychedelic and introspective high; it's used as a part of a treatment against depression.
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