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Artic Storm marijuana seeds

Artic Storm marijuana seeds

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Arctic Storm marijuana seeds
Orig Bros Grimm DTC99 mother x G13bx dad. The Grimm's Durban-Thai-Cindy meets Pacific's G13bx. Expect floral, stinky, sticky, heavy yields and a flower time of 63-70 days. Use a scrubber, this combination of parents is a real stinker!

mostly indica
Flowering Time: 63-70 Days
Grow Location: Indoor
Sea of Green? Yes
Sex Characteristics: Female or Male
Stature: Medium to above average tree, branches nicely
Yield: Above average to high
Odor: Floral, sweet pine
Taste: Spicy floral
Buzz: Euphoric and heady then full body relaxing
Grow Info: Easy to grow! Not nutrient finicky, keep ppm's high from mid flower forward, she can take it!
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