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Apollo 11 G Pheno cannabis regular seed

Apollo 11 G Pheno cannabis regular seed

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Apollo11 G Pheno


Apollo 11 f2 collected from a Genius Phenotype Mother.This batch of beans were collected from a A-11 Genius phenotype the only one of 35+ Apollo f1s girls grown out. This batch of beans are currently being tested by many people and have been returning some positive results. It will be interesting to see what the chances are of getting more Genius phenotypes from this batch but nothing can be promised . Three different A-11 phenotype males were used to pollinate this A-11 Genius phenotype female so chances of finding a keeper should be high. So for the people who seek the Genius traits of A-11 I feel these beans would be a very good starting block for there breeding /growing ventures. Either way Genius pheno or not you will be sure to have some great smoke and growing fun.

Specifications: ~Flowering time should be around 45-50 days
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