annihilation marijuana 10 pack of seeds

annihilation marijuana 10 pack of seeds

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Annihilation bud was bred because of customers non-stop requests. They tried and loved our Infinite Euphoria genetics for her very long-lasting, all day euphoric high. And while most of our customers appreciate her clean, euphoric , and long lasting buzz, they also begged for us to create an everlasting couchlock strain that completely annihilates their body.
Now this was a very difficult task for us because most heavy, couchlock wheelchair weed is mostly Indica in origin. We needed to create a wheel chair buzz that would last 12-18 hours, and to do that we needed to breed a mostly sativa dominate heritage while breeding out her high CBD and sativa traits. And after 11 years of fine tuning, we accomplised the impossible. we created an Indica like plant that was mostly sativa.
Our breeding program was so advanced that our Annihilation bud finishes flowering in just 47 days and she’s 96% Sativa.
Yet some of you requested that when you smoke weed, you don’t do it for the happy uplifting buzz, you just want to completed get baked, and you demanded to be fried for a much longer time period.
Most fast acting, brain fry, heavy buzz stones do not last very long, nowhere near as long as the 12 hour + Infinite Euphoria strain buzz.
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