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Flowering: 42-50 days
Yield: high

Americano received its name because this variety was selected specifically for Americans who came up to Vancouver looking for bulk marijuana
Traits that appealed to this market were the basis for selection, including a crystallized appearance with a lack of red or orange hairs and tight buds that fill a pound bag well
This all-indica plant is a hybrid stabilized from the best outdoor and indoor indica strains grown by enterprise seed breeders.
The americano high is a trademark indica buzz that will land you on the couch for a while, maybe encourage some napping
The taste is in the Skunk family, but pleasantly scented rather than overwhelmingly dank.
Americano is best suited to indoor growing methods, especially using a rockwool hydroponic or an aeroponic system.
Indicas are known to have short growth cycles and this one does not disappoint with its shortest cycle finishing in as few as 6 weeks.

Genetics: Stabilized hybrid seeds F1.
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