Alaska Manatuska Thunderfuck Valley

Alaska Manatuska Thunderfuck Valley

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Alaska Manatuska Thunderfuck Valley : Indoor/Outdoor
ALASKA is an fast-increasing, earlyflowering and quite productive sort. During the short cultivation season in Jamaica (Nov. - March) the plants between 1m to 2m will remind largely and in their stature pattern strongly of pappeln. Long Internodal and at first only driving out side impulses consolidates itself with increasing age to compact shrubs with powerful heading. Density, heavy Buds, pronounced resin trimming with a balanced bloom/sheet relationship are the result. The appearance and the relatively uncomplicated handling remind of a Sativa Skunk sort, smell and taste are however individual. The Buds has a sweet-spicy flavour, which provides when smoking for a completely personal stash.
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