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Agent Orange marijuana seeds

Agent Orange marijuana seeds

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Orange Velvet x Jack The Ripper

Orange Velvet is a much sought after strain in the USA, due to its uncanny orange creamsicle flavour and enjoyable medicinal high, using Subs JTR male to add yield and lots of resin, this plant is like smoking a bowl of fruit each toke coats your mouth with deep flavours of mango and oranges. A favourite of the ladies due to its flavours and medicinal effect, very thorough long-lasting stone, extremely stout plants that can support huge buds, a very good strain.

Indica/Sativa: 60%/40%
Flowering Time: 55-58 days
Yield: Good
Resin Production: Very High
Smell/Taste: Orange, Mango
Effect: Narcotic, Medicinal
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