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Abyss99 marijuana seeds

Abyss99 marijuana seeds

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Abyss99 marijuana seeds

The mother of Abyss99 hails from the 1st place IC Mag 420 Cup winning indica strain 'Deep Chunk'. Seeds from Tom Hill's original release of Deep Chunk (circa 2004) were used to select through in finding Abyss99's beautiful mother. Her ever so tight inter node spacing and short stature, with 'cabbage like' growth and buds expressing colors in the blue/purple range, with extreme resin coverage extending from her buds onto her leaves, dark chocolate/coffee aroma and taste was selected to combine with Dutchgrown Seeds massive original Bros Grimm DTC99 male. Although Deep Chunk is known as a connoisseur variety, she is also a rather low yielding, but full tasting potent indica that far makes up for any shortcomings in her average yield. Abyss99 is an F1 hybrid and the result of combining DTC99, a much higher yielding strain, while retaining Deep Chunk's outstanding potency to increase her stature and improve branching while adding a bit of exotic flavor so prevalent in DTC99. Be prepared, Abyss99 will take you on a mind bending journey into ecstasy and kick you hard...this variety comes with a warning....she can leave you couch locked for hours and wondering what it was that you were to be doing. Flowering time indoor: 65-70 days

mostly indica
Flowering Time: 65-70 Days
Grow Location: Indoor
Sea of Green? Yes
Sex Characteristics: Female or Male
Stature: Medium
Yield: Moderate
Odor: Hashy sweet pine
Taste: Floral, fruity with a hint of pine
Buzz: Cerebral uplifting with body couchlock
Grow Info: Responds well to higher nutrient levels, +/- 1300ppm last half of flower. Optimum yields achieved with maximum 6 per 1000w.
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