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abyss 99 single marijuana seeds

abyss 99 single marijuana seeds

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Abyss 99 single Seeds
Classification: Indica-dominant
abyss 99 seed single strain

Parents: Deep Chunk x Durban Thai 99
Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
Garden Skills: Intermediate
Flowering Time: 9 - 10 weeks
Yield: Low
Height: Short
THC Range: 17% - 19%
CBD Range: 2.2% - 3.1%
Medical Uses: Chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, nausea
Breeder: Dutchgrown Seeds

Buzz Rating: Almost instantly you are hit with a powerful and sedating body high that can literally melt you into your couch. Don't plan on being productive for at least 2 hours with Abyss99.
Deep Chunk, which is the mother used to create Abyss99, won the overall first price in the 2004 IC Mag 420 Cup. These buds are small, rock hard, have a nice lavender/purple color and so many trichomes they give these buds a silvery shine that almost covers up the purple buds. Abyss99 smells of freshly roasted coffee, grapes, chocolate and hash with a flavor of coffee and a grape aftertaste. All-around it's hard to beat Abyss99 in terms of flavor, aroma, bag appeal and, most importantly, potency. Like many strains that are renowned for potency, Abyss99 can take a little longer to flower, at 9 - 10 weeks, while producing a disappointingly low yield, usually around an ounce per plant, when grown in a 5-gallon pot. Many growers only get 1/2 ounce per plant when in a 5-gallon container, however the sheer potency (both THC and CBD) as well as the remarkable flavor, aroma and bag appeal seem to make up for what it may lack in yield. These ladies have an incredibly short stature, rarely reaching over 30" in height. Expect trimming to produce a lot of hash makings as the calyx-to-leaf ratio on Abyss 99 is fairly low. Enjoy these ladies wherever you can find them. Despite the low yield, they are definitely worth adding to your garden.
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