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60 Day Wonder marijuana seeds

60 Day Wonder marijuana seeds

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Williams Wonder x Ruderalis
90% Indica : 10% Sativa
Flowering Time: 60 days from seed
Yield: 1-1.5 oz/4x4
Medicinal Value: Glaucoma, Nausea, Pain
Taste/Smell: Sweet, Fruity
60 Day Wonder is a very special commercial indica that produces fat and resinous flowers and finishes early. She will finish in any light cycle, including 24 hours of light, 60 days from SEED! The flowers
on this plant look more like William Wonder and it keeps the medicinal values of her as well. Great for
the beginner grower and perfect for commercial growers who want to crop every 60 days in- or outside from SEED! A great strain for the windowsill or for the stealthy gardener.
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