Go Big or Go Home Magic Mushroom kit!

Go Big or Go Home Magic Mushroom kit!

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Over the years we have requests from those crazy few who want to grow a little for there neighbors and maybe half of the city block for those few we created the
go big or go home magic mushroom kit it produces a whopping 250 lbs! Do we have to say that again 250lbs! and once you completed a 3 week cycle you have the materials and knowledge to produce another 250lbs 3 weeks later and guess what you can do that over and over again! The kit comes with mycelium of cubensis which you simply mix with our supplied substrate you put in a dark place for a couple weeks and then WOLA! your a millionare! as easy as pie! As usual we do not advotcate or condone any illegal activity and check your local laws when you order. The kit has 500 liters of mycelium and substrate and casing also the grow cases everything you need nothing extra needs to be purchased or obtained,