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Yopo snuff Anadenanthera peregrina

Yopo snuff Anadenanthera peregrina

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Anadenanthera peregrina Yopo prepared 1 gram The yopo is taken by being forcibly blown into the nasal cavities by another person by means of a long pipe like object. After they have achieved a trance state, they communicate with the spirit world and relate what they are seeing with chanting and dancing. Warning! Sniffing 500mg at once is a crazy thing! One should start with 1/8 of a gram and then start raising it if needed. A gram will last for the whole night sniffing several times. Use a plastic tube. The effects are can be visual in nature, causing the user to see colorful patterns, objects seen with the eyes may appear to be swirling, transforming into other objects, changing colors, etc. The user may see colorful 3-dimensional moving patterns with the eyes opened or closed. Some users experience more visual effects from yopo than from DMT. The user may hear dreamy sounds and voices. With the eyes closed or in a dark setting, users may experience full dream-like phenomena, interacting with imaginary places, people, etc. The visions are seen as dreamy or spiritual in nature and do not appear as though they are real. The over effects are generally relaxing. Users often feel a pleasant tingling sensation throughout the body similar to those felt while using Yohimbe. The mind normally remains clear and focused during the entire experience. Some users may experience transient nausea. At high doses, users may feel sweaty, become nervous, experience difficulty it walking, lose motor control, and may enter into a trance state. Yopo can be smoked in a pipe
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