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Temp Norte marijuana seeds

Temp Norte marijuana seeds

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Tempo Norte is another sativa dominated cannabis seed from Astur Jaya industry. Her roots go back to Lesotho, a South African mountain region with tough weather conditions. In order to survive a 2000 m altitude and be able to further develop, the mother-nature gave this variety a strong personality and a compact structure. Tempo Norte is the smallest cannabis breed in the Astur Jaya seed collection. Her highest indoor plants do not exceed 100 m; outside varieties can reach 150 cm which is indeed quite petite for a sativa. This ability makes her ideal for indoor growing as a closet, balcony or even a windowsill variety, and also for space limited outdoor gardens.

To cultivate Tempo Norte cannabis is not difficult, strong African genotypes make her seeds resistant to stress and some diseases. They show a good germination rate and produce strong seedlings. Though this variety is dominated by her sativa parent, growing characteristics are definitely influenced by another, indica, partner. Even experienced cannabis growers are not able to recognise her as a sativa from the first sight. Apart of being small, the plants are also bushy, with a typical Christmas tree appearance and a smell of mint and anise. The first yield is ready in late August; indoor varieties need 10+ weeks with the first flowers popping up between the 2nd and the 3rd flowering week.

Tempo Norte is know as a great yielder. 350-450 gr. of dried marijuana is a usual yield for an outside plant. Her marijuana is of the best quality, has a long shelf life and will satisfy you with a typical sativa stimulation, mental lucidity, loquacity and psychedelic high for months and months
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