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see more buds3

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The Perfect Garden

SeeMoreBuds has been the most prolific presenter of marijuana gardens in the past 4 years. SeeMore brings you 8 new fabulous gardens, in one DVD, including, THE PERFECT GARDEN.
With unprecedented access, SeeMore examines 8 never before filmed or photographed gardens. SeeMore gives you intimate access into the workings of these gardens. Whether it is the 11,000 watt mega garden or the 2400 watt medical grow room, SeeMore shows, explains and reveals these gardens with both great verbal and visual articulation.
Never before have so many underground gardens been so accessible to the public! No other DVD, MAGAZINE, or BOOK shows this many plants, this many grow rooms, or this much insight into cannabis cultivation. If your goal is to learn the fundamentals of setting up a grow room and then using that grow room to get massive yields, this is the DVD for you
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