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See more buds#1

See more buds#1

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Update 2023 Big Sale Buy Marijuana Seeds

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Watch as a veteran marijuana grower shows you how to set up three simple rooms.
Harvesting an Amazing 15 Pounds in 80 days. That's 60+ lbs a year!!!
Everything you will see is easily replicated. Watch as a master grower addresses the following issues:
* Nutrients: The Perfect Mixture
* Ventilation: Managing Heat (A real Trick with 11
High Pressure Sodium bulbs)
* Lighting: Fluorescent and HPS
* Clones: Increased Success Rate
* Harvest: Curing The Correct Way
* Bugs: Prevention And Eradication
....and Much More....

If you are going to grow marijuana, you must see this DVD. SeeMoreBuds has come out to share and dispell the myths, "that growing is hard".
SeeMoreBuds reveals a simple "add water" technique that produces some of the biggest yields and kindest herb of modern times. 49 mins.
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