salvia divinorum 400x extract 2.5 gram

salvia divinorum 400x extract 2.5 gram

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Our 400x Organic Salvia Divinorum is the recommended level for experienced salvia user only. This is an extremely potent extract and should be treated with caution. It takes approx 400 grams of leaf to make 1 gram of 400x Extract.

Our 400x standardized extract contains 1400mg of salvinorin A

The Process: Our 100% Organic Salvia is hand picked in Oaxaca, Mexico. We use a 100% natural and organic process in producing our extracts. The leaves are sun dried on both sides(rare to find this) before being sent to Europe to be extracted. The extraction process utilizes a clever alcohol wash method, not acetone and other harsh chemicals like most of our competition. This leaves the Salvia greener and fresher for the customer, and quality which is second to none.
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