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Radio Frequency / Microwave / EMF Shielding Paint 5 litres

Radio Frequency / Microwave / EMF Shielding Paint 5 litres

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Electro-conductive coating, liquid water based EMF shielding paint for interior and exterior application

· Developed for protection of large areas from Electric Fields, Radio Frequency “RF” Radiation and Microwaves

· Offers excellent shielding qualities for protection against RF-radiation. Can also be used for protection from low-frequency Electric Fields if grounded

· Attenuation of 35 dB in one layer (shielding effectiveness of 99.97 %).

· Apply as a prime coat and cover with interior or exterior paint

· Low-emission and water-based

· High water resistance and good ecology

· Good adhesion on many surfaces and substrates such as latex paint, construction board, cement, plaster, polystyrene, masonry surfaces and more…

· Frost resistant in delivery form. Optimized for shipping to regions with low average temperatures or air shipments that may reach freezing
· Paint is black in color
· Corrosion resistant - contains no metallic particles
· Coverage Interior: 1 Litre 7.5 sq. Meters (81 sq. Feet)

Exterior: 1 Litre 5.0 sq. Meters (54 sq. Feet)

Technical Data Areas of Application

Living areas: Protection from RF-Radiation (High Frequency EMF) from Cell Phone Towers, TV and radio broadcasting antennas, radar, DECT cordless phones, wireless networks etc…

Protection against Low Frequency Electric Fields when grounded

Industry: To prevent interception of data from wireless networks, and potentially bugged conference rooms

Science and R&D: Shielding of electromagnetic interference (EMI) sensitive facilities and equipment.

Medicine: Protection against sensitive technical equipment. To guarantee important medical data is derived correctly and will not be altered by EMI.

Electronic Industry: To reduce induction and interference

Underground: Apply to a clean dry degreased surface

Further Applications: Schools, nurseries, hotel rooms, hospital rooms
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