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Piedra Celta marijuana seeds

Piedra Celta marijuana seeds

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Piedra Celta is indeed a unique cannabis strain from Astur Jaya seed collection. She is a super fast growing indica, specifically developed for growing under artificial lights and combines pure Afghan, Pakistan and Lebanese genotypes. This cannabis variety is characterised by a short flowering period and a high yield of average 300 gr. per plant. A compact structure, quick and big yields of the best quality marijuana with a musk and fruity aroma and a powerful high makes Piedra Celta one of the most popular strain for commercial and private use.

Growing Piedra Celta seeds is just fun. They are very resistant to stress and produce strong healthy seedlings. It takes just 45 days for this variety to start producing high yields of good quality marijuana. The plants have with short internodes with the calyxes pressed together. Being mostly indica, Piedra Celta is coloured dark green with well developed round leaves and dark and highly resinous buds. The first musk and fruity smells of the Earth appear at the second flowering week, and get a bit intense during maturing. No particular difficulties have been reported during cultivation. This cannabis variety show excellent results nearly anywhere - in soil, pot or hydroponics setups. She is happy as an individual plant and as a member of a green group.

Piedra Celta has a great medical value. Her THC content is extremely high - 21%, but lower than her CBD level, therefore she produces a cerebral, body and mind relaxation type of high and is often used as a part of a treatment against insomnia. If we compare with a wine, this indica is a heavy red one.
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