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Nube Roja marijuana seeds

Nube Roja marijuana seeds

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Nube Roja is another 100% indica variety from the Astur Jaya cannabis seed collection. This strain was brought to life as a successful result of numerous breeding projects with the genetics of the legendary Red Lebanon Hash and Pakistani strains. Her name means Red Cloud and, indeed, she looks wrapped in a red shiny cloud while flowering. Nube Roja is a unique cannabis, with sensational organoleptic properties, which ensures an intense wellness sensation as well as having high medicinal properties, relaxing, anti-stress and analgesic. A truly early plant ready between mid August and early September, with incredibly fragrant buds, garnet-red and fuchsia coloured.

It's not difficult to cultivate Nube Roja. With a 100% indica influence, her seeds cope well with low stress level and a some diseases, and show a good germination rate. Seedlings of this cannabis variety are usually strong and healthy and can be put under a 12/12 light cycle straight away. She is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors with just 9 maturing weeks and an incredible yield of 600 gr. ready at the end August. Nube Roja marijuana has a very pleasant smell of ripe fruits; her compact bushy plants of a typical indica look and with a very unusual colour pattern can bring a variety to any cannabis garden. Those qualities of hers make people with little marijuana experience be easily confused and take Nube Roja as an ordinary garden plant.

Her marijuana has a long shelf life and will satisfy you for months and months. Nube Roja has a great medical value. Her THC content is extremely high - 20%, but lower than her CBD level, therefore she produces a cerebral, body and mind relaxation type of high and is often used as a part of a treatment against insomnia. If we compare with a wine, this indica is a heavy red one.
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