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Monkey pipe

Monkey pipe

Обычная цена $49.00
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The Monkey Pipe

The Monkey Pipe is a real beauty that will probably become a classic very quickly like the Proto Pipe.

# Made from the best hardwoods available
# Custom hand finish
# Stainless steel screws and nuts
# Stainless steel lining in bottom of pipe forms a trough, which collects resins so you can scoop it right out.
# Bowl and mouth piece are nickel plated brass
# Two holes are ventilation ports to keep the unit cool
# Fits in watch pocket
# Folds onto key chain or necklace
# Large Bowl
# Cool Smoking Swivel joint adds length to cool down the smoke
# Bowl is lower than mouth piece so you can see into bowl while smoking, and also puts the bowl further form eyelashes and eyebrows
# Bottom of pipe removes for easy cleaning
# Built to last a life time
# No air leaks
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