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Malawi 99 marijuana seeds

Malawi 99 marijuana seeds

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Malawi 99 f1 is a powerful sativa strain based on the especially spicey psychoactive Afropips Malawi Gold (IBL). A clean vibrant high combined with the clear energetic and devastatingly psychoactive, short statured Cinderella 99 (IBL). It exhibits Malawi African hybrid vigour.

Malawi 99 grows fast and large and is very similar to the Malawi plant in size and structure with heavier speedy growing buds. It is a high THC strain with a sharp Malawi Gold taste.

It is a fast growing strain with good mould resistance.

Genetics: Malawi Gold x Cinderella 99

Variety: Mostly Sativa

Type: f1 Hybrid

Harvest Date: End of October

Flowering Period: 11-13 weeks

THC Content: High
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