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Maizal Gord marijuana seeds

Maizal Gord marijuana seeds

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Maizal Gord is, perhaps, the most productive cannabis varieties of Astur Jaya seed collection - a truly record yield may reach 1500-2000 gr of dried product per outside plant. This genetics, obtained from the legendary emerald green plant, grown by the Ebony warriors on the mountains of South Africa, produces large and compact buds, highly resinous, with mint, pine and anise aroma. Maizal Gord marijuana keep entire characteristics of her sativa ancestor - an active effect to inspire for various activities, physical or mental, particularly those in the open air and in communion with nature; while maintaining an extreme mental lucidity that does not let you sleep if you enjoy her before bedtime.

Germination of Maizal Gord seeds is easy and always successful, a good result of 80% is guaranteed. Maturing this typical sativa cannabis, however, takes longer, 55-65 days, if growing indoors. She also needs more light and modern technologies help to solve this inconvenience - a usual 12/12 flowering cycle is good enough. The pre-flowers with well developed tops start showing up during the 3rd weeks. They turn into steady buds, very dense, shiny and sticky, full of THC. Its content is said to be as high as 18%. Strangely enough, but buds growing on the same plant can be of a different size, medium to big. And very fruity scented. A usual yield is quite big, 500 gr. of the purest marijuana per outside plants and the same amount per m2 if Maizal Gord grows indoors.

How tall your Maizal Gord is going to grow really depends on growing conditions. She stays small and compact, growing in unstable weather conditions, but if the weather is favourable, they turns into tall elegant beauties and can sometimes reach 2 to 3 meters high. Wherever you cultivate this cannabis variety, she will please you with a typical sativa beauty. Tall or short, these plants are thin and elegant and have a very good branching system. A bit of pruning may be required to help this lady to carry heavy colas, covered with short shiny hair, like touched by the first frost.

Maizal Gord marijuana has a great medical value. Medicine produced from this cannabis has lower CBD and higher THC meaning a psychedelic and introspective high; it's used as a part of a treatment against depressions.
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