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Home Test Kit

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Body Voltage Home Test Kit

AC Electric Fields from live electrical

wires are attracted to our bodies. This

test kit will indicate the intensity of AC

Electric Field exposure from your


· For precise body voltage measurements in milliVolts

· Complies with Bau-Biologie measurement standards

· Detailed Body Voltage measuring instructions included

· Complete with hand probe, ground cable, ground rod and other accessories

· Meter includes a standard 9V alkaline battery

· 1 Year manufacturers warranty

2 eME3030B Dual Function Gauss Meter / Tesla Meter and Electric Field Detector

· Electromagnetic Fields consist of Magnetic Fields “M” and Electric Fields “E”

· AC Magnetic Fields “M” and AC Electric Fields “E” exist in all environments that use electricity.

· Reducing exposure to these fields is recommended. With the eME3030B anyone can easily measure Electromagnetic Fields

· Detects all “M” and “E” Fields from Electrical Wiring, High Voltage Power Lines, Transformers,

Appliances, Computers, Electronic Devices and more in the frequency range 16Hz to 2000Hz

· When the Field Type selector is set to “M”, Magnetic Field detection mode is enabled and the meter acts as a Gauss Meter / Tesla Meter. Simply rotate the meter to analyze all directions for magnetic fields. The magnetic field strength is displayed in nanoTesla - nT (100nT = 1 milliGauss) - max 2000nT or 20mG

· When the Field Type selector is set to “E”, Electric Field detection mode is enabled and the meter acts as an Electric Field Detector. It is necessary to ground the meter for this measurement. (See optional accessories below) The electric field strength is displayed in Volts/meter V/m - max 2000 V/m

· Has an audible tone that alerts you to elevated “M” and “E” Fields

· Digital display indicates mode of measurement “M” or “E”

· 2 year manufacturers warranty

3 Personal RF Detector exposes microwave radiation produced by wireless technologies

· Detects microwave radiation 'hotspots' from all wireless technologies, Digital cordless

· DECT phones, Mobile phones, Computer wireless networks, Bluetooth UMTS, Mobile phone towers, masts and base stations, Baby monitors, Microwave technology and more …

· First consumer product on the marketplace

· Patented and fully tested to international standards EMC, CE

· Audible signal indicates severity of microwave radiation exposure

· Lightweight and portable for traveling

· Easy operation - on/off switch and volume control

· Battery operated - one alkaline 9V battery supplied

· Comes with one year manufacturers warranty
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