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Estrella Malva seeds

Estrella Malva seeds

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Estrella Malva is a distinctive cannabis variety from the Astur Jaya industry and represents an indica dominated cross of Afghani and South African strains. The Star of Malva (Estrella Malva) is a real celebrity in the Astur Jaya seed collection and shoots your eyes with the amazing colours of different purple shades. She took over the best qualities of both parents - a consistent South African variety and a spicy Afghani hash. She became one of the most popular strains in the modern cannabis society for easy growing characteristics, nice fruity smell and taste and high narcotic effects.

However, some time ago, this star had quite a hard time in the international cannabis market. Though marijuana smokers endorsed her from ethical points of view, such qualities as power and yield remained much to desire. That's why Estrella Malva seeds were revised in 2002 and her challenging characteristics were improved.

The version that we offer you is a stabilized F1 hybrid; the seeds are stress and pest resistant and have a good germination rate. Like any indica dominated strain, Estrella Malva takes less time to mature than her sativa counterpartners. Just 9 weeks and she is ready to harvest with an amazing 350 gr. per plant. Outside harvest starts early in September. Outdoor varieties are happy to grow nearly anywhere - in soil, pots and hydroponic setups. Plants of this cannabis give a typical indica look, they are of a medium size and bushy, with wide dark green leaves and stocky compact buds. Buds are really dense, with the calyxes pressed together. THC content is said to be about 18% which is incredible high for indicas. Already at the beginning of flowering, a pleasant smell of ripe fruits and liquorice start appearing. It remains pleasantly fruity throughout the whole growing cycle and remains to the final product.

Estrella Malva marijuana contains more CBD counts over THC and gives a high stoned, corporal effect with a strong body and mind relaxation. She has a great medical value and is used as a part of a treatment against insomnia and as a pain relief. Her narcotic effect is especially appreciated at the end of the day, like a glass of good red wine.
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