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EMF bed canopy baby

EMF bed canopy baby

Обычная цена $1,890.00
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $1,890.00
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Swiss Shield Daylite is a decorative, unbleached, sheer
white synthetic fabric. It has excellent high frequency
shielding characteristics. It is used, preferably, for
curtains to shield windows, to cover part walls and for
canopies. To ensure highest performance fell seams
(overlapping), should be used. We offer custom made
curtains for your specific needs.
Used for shielding large surfaces (walls and windows)
from high frequency electromagnetic waves
90 %– 99.9 % effective in shielding RF, 200MHz to
5.5 GHz
Shields cell towers, cordless phones, security
systems, wireless computer gear and more
Smooth, sheer fabric, easy to work with, washable
Sheer synthetic fabric
Ideal for curtains to shield windows or bed canopies
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