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Druida marijuana seeds

Druida marijuana seeds

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Seed breeders of the Astur Jaya industry keep surprising us by creating more and more cannabis strains with unusually beautiful looks. Druida is another cross from the Astur Jaya seed collection with an incredibly beautiful flower formation of red/pink/purple colour. It's quite difficult to recognise the dominating colour, the whole plant is covered with shiny juice that reflects lights and gives the flowers the rainbow colour spectrum.

Druida is not dominated by either sativa or indica (50/50) but possesses the best qualities of both specimens. Her plants have a perfect sativa look, but grows like an indica, producing large, compact and powerful buds. You can't find an easier seed to grow. Just put it in soil and 5-10 days later strong and healthy seedling will be ready to go to a sunny outdoor place. If you prefer to grow Druida indoors, a usual 12/12 light cycle will do. The flowering stage lasts between 6 to 8 weeks during which loads of bud sites are formed along with a well developed branching system. Already at the beginning of flowering, a strong floral scent appears and remains throughout the whole maturing period.

Druida is said to be a really good yielder, she produces 700 gr.of good quality marijuana that remains her qualities in the dry product. Possessing both indica and sativa characteristics, this cannabis strain produces a very powerful narcotic effect and is often used during spiritual rituals.
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