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Bubble bag big 20 gallon

Bubble bag big 20 gallon

Обычная цена $420.00
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $420.00
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New! The 4 bag kit contains a work bag, a contaminant removal bag, and two crystal collection bags. It also includes a pressing screen and carrying bag.

The 5 gallon kit can process up to 200 grams (dry weight) of plant matter at a time.
The 20 gallon kit can process up to 1000 grams (dry weight) of plant matter at a time.

Full Melt Bubble generally is found in the in the 73 micron bag.

Full Melt Bubble is a plant extract that bubbles when heated, which is what led Bubble Man to call our bags "Bubble Bags." To begin with, you need to start with high quality plant matter. It should have lots of crystals and be as fresh as possible. High quality herbal extract can only be made from high quality plant material. Most people find they must use the 8 bag kit to produce Full Melt Bubble.

Be sure to freeze your plant matter overnight before starting to make your Bubble herbal extract. Make sure there is lots of ice in the water at all times – the temperature of the water should always be 4 degrees Celsius or lower. Do not over-agitate your mixture. For best results, use our BubbleNow machine for this step. Alternatively, you may choose to mix for 15 minutes with a wooden spoon. An electric mixer can be used, but the product will tend to be of lower quality. The more you break up the plant matter, the more you will contaminate your Bubble herbal extract with small particles of leaf. This will still produce enjoyable herbal extract, but it will probably not be Full Melt Bubble.

Can I make Bubble Herbal Extract with moldy plant matter?

Yes. Bubble Man recommends an extra mold-removing step: place your herbal extract into a jar full of water with a tight-fitting lid and shake it up. The mold spores will float to the top and can be skimmed off with a spoon or turkey baster. Then, rinse the jar into the 25 micron bubble bag and press the moisture out as usual.
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