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Brute Dualty - by Meduse Pipe Designs

Brute Dualty - by Meduse Pipe Designs

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he Brute is a completely original and unique design which elevates the water pipe far beyond its humble status as a mere bong or shisha, to become a piece of art that can take pride of place in your home. Some have called it Interior Sculpture, others call this true Brute of a bong the best and most sophisticated smoke on the planet. Meduse Water Pipes are the only ones on the market which offer a water dyeing effect using colouring used in the food industry, to further enhance the visual indulgence of the smoking experience. Thanks to accurate and neat hand production you can be sure that you own an original piece and not just a manufactured series rolling off a conveyor belt. In contrast to traditional shishas, The Brute does not use tinfoil as a pad under charcoal. Instead of tinfoil it uses an adapter made from stainless steel also used in the food industry. When burned tinfoil produces an aluminium oxide, which is toxic, whereas The Brute is designed to ensure the maximum degree of health protection. Only the highest quality materials have been used to create The Brute, from the the high class rubber used in the wine industry and stainless steel used in the food industry, to the laboratory molten glass SIMAX, used on microwave ovens and dishwashers. The Brute is a genuine masterpiece.

Height 60cm, Glass Diameter 25cm, Glass Height 40cm


size: Height 150cm
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